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The Stringdusters release LAWS OF GRAVITY


LAWS OF GRAVITY is released today and so far people seem to like it . . .

“It’s the Infamous Stringdusters at their best, with all of the band’s members playing to their strengths, adding their own unique elements to a song that feels at once dynamically multilayered and pure-and-simple bluegrass.” –The Boot

“… walks a similar line between genres, mixing the Infamous Stringdusters’ arsenal of unplugged instruments – guitar, Dobro, upright bass, banjo and fiddle – with an implied beat that stomps and swaggers.” — Rolling Stone

“With their latest album, “Laws of Gravity” (out Jan. 13 on Compass Records), the Stringdusters push further ahead in their pursuit of bluegrass perfection. For them, it’s about learning the unknown depths of the tricky and sacred language that is bluegrass. And in an often-crowded market of dime-a-dozen groups aiming to follow in the footsteps of the legends that came before them, it’s also about finding your own unique voice and captivating identity — something the Stringdusters continue to prove each day, onstage and in the studio.” — Smoky Mountain News

“And what an offering it is. Featuring the tight jams and prominent harmonies that we have come to expect, they continue to push the newgrass envelope while offering perhaps their most bluesy and soulful album to date.

The album, which was recorded at Compass Records in Nashville, does an impressive of job of looking backward while still moving ahead. Perhaps the location had something to do with it – Hillbilly Central, as the studio was known for years, is where some of the greatest outlaw country music of all time was recorded back in the 1970s.” –Ashevegas

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