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Bobby Osborne premieres first ever music video at The Tennessean!


Bobby Osborne thought he’d never make another record. When he met banjo player and Compass Records co-founder Alison Brown, the bluegrass legend was nearly 60 years into his career, but it had been years since his last solo album.

“They put me on a shelf for a while, but I wanted to get back out,” he explained.

Backing from Compass, a grant from the FreshGrass Foundation and a successful crowdfunding campaign allowed Osborne to make “Original,” his first release for the roots music label. It’s a gem of an album that features grassy takes on an eclectic collection of songs ranging from “They Call the Wind Maria” from 1951 Broadway musical “Paint Your Wagon” to the Bee Gees’ 1968 hit “I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You.”